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Lisa Perline, LCSW


I earned my MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work. I focus on child and family therapies incorporating talk, play, art, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as various mindfulness strategies depending on the needs of the client.

These therapies work most effectively in treating anxiety, depression and a myriad of mood disorders. I approach the process from the perspective of the family unit and the various ways in which family members influence one another’s behavior.

I provide a non-judgmental and empathic experience and appreciate the significance of effective parenting skills and the impact on parent/child relationships. I also provide a creative and collaborative approach to therapy in a safe and supportive environment. Here the child and parent learn to express their thoughts and emotions in positive terms. My main goals are to build self-awareness and increase confidence during weekly sessions.

I firmly believe in the strength of communication as the agent for positive change.

Lisa Perline, LCSW

Lisa Perline, LCSW

I am a participating provider with AETNA and CIGNA and will work with you on whatever insurance you have to determine your out of network coverage and submit claims on your behalf.

My Specialties: 

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, School Refusal, Behavioral Issues. Ages: 5 and up


Available in person and via telehealth.

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