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Finding The Right Therapist


Seeking mental health treatment is often associated with fear and shame. As a result, many people who do need treatment and counseling end up not getting the help that they need and deserve. Mental health conditions can be treated effectively with therapy.

Getting Help

Therapy is beneficial for people who are going through life transitions, stress, depression, and anxiety.  People who have personality disorders, obsessions, grief issues, and addiction issues can also gain from the right kind of therapy.  Going through therapy can help people cope with their feelings and eventually change negative behavior patterns. 

Individualized Care

Collaborative Therapy Network takes away the difficulties and challenges of seeking treatment by connecting clients to the right therapist and aiming to provide the most appropriate therapy that fits individual needs. Therapists have different experiences and treatment philosophies, and those who are seeking help deserve to have one that they are comfortable with. Collaborative Therapy Network uses proven, evidence-based treatment which is administered by qualified clinicians with many years of training and experience.

We are quite aware that when it comes to essential life issues, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.  We personalize and customize our approach in order to better serve our clients. We are dedicated to our clients’ utmost well-being, and we work with them closely to help them reach their goals.  Please visit the individual clinician’s pages to see if they are the right fit clinically. If you have any questions, please ask us; we’re happy to guide you.

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