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ON the upside of CORONA. Here is a message -- Stay home with your loved ones. SLOW DOWN. Spend time in the home you work so hard for. Go out in your yard , porch, deck, balcony or just peer out a window for a bit . SLOW DOWN.

Whenever we go outside of our habitual patterns there is an enlivening within our organism. An enlivening can be fear , or irritability, but an enlivening none the less. We go kind of dead when we live in habit without consciousness. Boy has COVID 19 raised our consciousness! Try to see the benefits of hours and hours spent with your children , spouse, elderly. Take out a board game , cards, cook something complicated, bake a triple layer cake, do ALL of your laundry or clean that closet.

Mostly see what comes of a SLOWER pace. The kind of pace that allows for something new to emerge. Something that could not have emerged out of busyness , overscheduled-ness, routine-ness, etc. You don’t even have to feel all zen about it, just notice yourself in this mode.

Be aware of SLOWING DOWN and notice our resistance to it .

Also, we are all in this together. Our therapists are mostly working virtually which again, gives you a new experience of your work together.

We are all in this together.

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