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Kailey Rocker, LSW


I am a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) with a humanistic approach to therapeutic work and healing. In this practice, I emphasize the importance of every individual’s unique sense of self and experience of the world.

I earned my Master’s Degree in clinical-focused social work from Rutgers University. My work is informed by Cognitive Behavioral, Strength-Based, and Mindfulness-Based approaches, with an intention to support and collaborate with clients on their therapeutic goals and their development of a more gentle internal dialogue.

I deeply value working with individuals who are seeking to establish a life-long, compassionate relationship with themselves, both in body and mind. I have experience working with all age groups, and aim to maintain a tone of humility and gratitude in my practice.  

Kailey Rocker, LSW

Kailey Rocker, LSW

Call 973-600-7423 and we will work with you on whatever insurance you have to determine your coverage and submit claims on your behalf.

My Specialties: 

Anxiety/Depression, Body Image, Self-Esteem. Ages 8 and up.


Available in person and via telehealth.

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